How To Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Business

May 30, 2018


Want to take your carpet cleaning business to the next level?


You need to understand where you are at and how your business is doing.


Are you doing good at customer service? How are your sales? What about basic phone etiquette?


Here are some statistics that will blow your mind on the carpet cleaning industry. This is to teach you and help you evaluate where you are to make improvements as needed.


These statistics came from a carpet cleaning group on facebook.  I was given the task from the admin of the group to audit the different carpet cleaning companies to understand how they were doing in their business.


I didn’t know beforehand what their strengths or weaknesses were as business owners.


My goal was to contact the companies and secret shop them.  Meaning, I looked up their company, called the company for a quote, and recorded any observations I made.


The results were mind blowing.


It was really interesting to see the data when put together.  Carpet cleaners are part of an amazing industry and provide a wonderful service to many people. It was my job to help them understand their weaknesses and teach them how to improve their carpet cleaning business in regards to phone answering, etiquette, and customer service.


Here are our 9 top insights on the carpet cleaning industry and ways to improve on this for your own business.


1. Only 50% of carpet cleaning companies answered their phone.



When the carpet cleaners were called, it was during the morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening.  As well as over different days of the week.


What we found was the average amount of times the calls were answered was 50% of the time.


With that being said, that means 50% did not answer their phone.


It is really important to always be answering your phone, because if you aren’t, that means someone else is.


Customers aren’t leaving voicemails anymore either, especially new ones. If you don’t answer your phone, that new customer will most likely call someone else, and not leave you a message.


Missed calls means missed business.


If you are too busy to always answer your calls, consider getting an assistant or secretary to help you out.  Jill’s Office is great because they are virtual secretaries and can answer those missed calls.


Take away: If you aren’t answering your phone, you are missing out on increased business, new customers, and more money for your business. If you don’t answer your phone, chances are somebody else is.


Get into the habit of answering your calls every time, having your office staff be better at answering, or hiring out a service to help you out.


2. 80% of companies had their contact information listed.




According to bright local, “97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.”


If 97% of consumers are online looking at reviews, chances are if they like you, they will call you.

But guess what?


If you don’t have your business name, contact information, phone numbers, etc. easily displayed on your website, facebook, or other media presence, they will skip you and find someone else.


80% of companies randomly surveyed did have their contact information listed on their facebook group group or page, which means 20% did not.


Take away: Check all of your sites where your business is listed, your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, etc..  Make sure your information is easily seen and accessible.  This way if a customer needs to contact you, they can find you to use your services.


3. Only 5% asked for a customer name




Only 5% of carpet cleaners in the group remembered to say the customer’s name during the call.


The Washington Post published an article about the power of a name.


They said that “A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality.


Some might say it is the most important word in the world to that person.”


How powerful is that!


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