The Follow Up Boot Camp: 4 Steps to Revolutionize Your Follow Up Process (Infographic)

August 17, 2018

How many of us struggle with following up? If you haven’t heard these statistics, you are behind in the game!


Did you know that 44% of sales people give up after 1 follow up?


Did you know that 80% of sales require 5 follow ups?


We have designed a follow up boot camp for you to nurture your customers and leads, grow your business, and set you apart from your competitors. This boot camp is designed to help you understand your audience or client, get you more leads, and teach you about new avenues to follow up.


























































1. Know Your Audience   


If you want to make a difference in your follow up process, you have to understand your client in the sales process.  You need to know if you are targeting new customers or old customers, and who they are as a person.  You need to understand your target and that it makes a difference.  For example, are your customers or leads old, young, male, or female? What is their nationality, industry, or are they family oriented? How about single, married, dog lover, or nature oriented? The more you know and understand, the better it will be to target them and follow up with them.


At times, we become so busy with the hustle and bustle of running our business that we lose sight of who our customer is.  This will greatly help you narrow down the best way to follow up with them. Before we get into creating an amazing follow up process, we need to really grasp our amazing customer. Once you understand your customer, you can better fit them into your sales process.


Boot Camp Action Step: Build Your Customer Profile


Instructions: Answer these 20 questions to see if you are on track to understand your future customers and current customers. Create a profile, maybe write it in a notebook, or create a spreadsheet.  Sincerely ask yourself these questions, and see if you notice a trend.

  1. What would your customers buy from you?

  2. What is their problem or need?

  3. Are they male or female?

  4. Is your customer a millennial or getting ready to retire?

  5. Are they single, married, family oriented?

  6. What is their level of education?

  7. How do you find your customers?

  8. Why do your customers matter to you?

  9. What do your customers value?

  10. Do ethnicity or religion make a difference to your customers?

  11. When will your customers need you?

  12. What are your customers' hobbies, talents, likes or dislikes?

  13. What is your customers' average household income?

  14. Do your customers use social media?

  15. Are you interacting with them on social media?

  16. Have you ever touched base with your customers after a sale or given a service?

  17. Are your customers a one-time deal, or a long term relationship?

  18. What are your customers likes and dislikes?

  19. What sets your customers apart from your competitors' customers?

  20. How long is your sales process? 


2. Find Your Leads 


Now that you understand your customer and the type you are reaching out to, you need new leads to turn into customers. You can do this through following up.


However, where are all your leads?  You will be very surprised to find that there are many ways to acquire new leads, but to also follow up on old ones.  The old leads that you can follow up on are low hanging fruit. A little work and nurturing and you may just have a new customer.

Boot Camp Action Step: Find your leads. 


Instructions: Go through every single one of these steps.  You need to pull out all and any leads that have been left on the table.

  • Networking meetings from the past 6 months

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