Dramatic savings versus hiring your own employee. 

No contracts

No charge for calls 25 seconds and under

Charges capped at 7 minutes per call

Cancel anytime

Choose a Call Plan

(*There is a one time set up fee of $99 on any package.)




Receptionist Minutes

($1.65/min for additional minutes)

Most Popular!




Receptionist Minutes

($1.45/min for additional minutes)

If you're not happy with our services within 14 days, we'll give you a full refund.




Receptionist Minutes

($1.35/min for additional minutes)




Receptionist Minutes

($1.25/min for additional minutes)

Need some help choosing a

plan? Talk to a Jill specialist!

We do not charge for phones calls less than 25 seconds, and we stop charging for calls longer than 7 minutes.

If a call is more then 25 seconds and less then 1 minute you are charged for the full minute.  After the first-minute calls are charged in 15-second intervals. 

Live Jills

Our Jill's are U.S. based, answer Monday-Friday MST from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, (Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm). We have bilingual Jills to help with Spanish speaking callers!


Have Jills schedule for you. We support Google Calendar, Calendly, Responsibid, House Call Pro, Acuity, YouCanBookMe, or an Online Booking Link.


Phone Number

Every company get a Jill phone number. This is used to forward your business number to, and you can use it for marketing. 

Custom Queue

Have a customized marketing message that you can set for your callers. 

CRM database

We have simplified the CRM concept. With our communication response manager database you can maintain a log of all your contacts that have called in.

Custom Instructions & Questions

Jill can use customs scripts and questions that you create for your callers to better assistance. 

After Hours Voicemail

You have a custom voicemail that attached to your account for after hours.

Outbound/Follow Up

Jill's can also do outbound calls. Just let us know who to call and what message to say. (We don't do cold sales calls.) Our Jill's are best at following up!

Call Transferring

Have Jill's screen your calls, and transfer them to you!

Account App Access

We have our web app, IOS, and Android. You can also get your messages through text and email as well, at no additional charge. 

No charges for calls under 25 seconds

 No charges for any call under 25 seconds. This helps with robo calls, spam calls, and sales calls. 

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